Career and Academic Connections (CAC) Staff

We provide products, professional development, technical assistance and leadership for career and academic development.

career and academic connections Coordinator

Kelly Arrington (405) 743-5159 email:

Kelly coordinates career guidance programs in Oklahoma technology centers and plans and assists staff in implementing statewide career guidance and advisement system direction. .
Contact for information regarding:

  • Guidance state and federal legislation issues
  • Technology center career guidance and advisement program issues
  • Technology center guidance accreditation/evaluation
  • OkACTE Guidance Division
  • Guidance Grants
  • Career Development Strategies
  • Student Services Endorsement
  • ODCTE CAC Division Staff
  • Career Guidance professional development (conferences, workshops, etc.)
  • Public school career guidance programs

Academic and Transition Specialist

Kim Eason (405) 743-5596 email:

The Academic and Transition Specialist coordinates and provides services that enhance opportunities for members of special populations to fully participate in career and technical education. 

Contact for information regarding:

  • IEP and transition services related to career and technology education
  • Section 504, ADA, or IDEA-B issues
  • Strategies for effectively including special populations students in career and technology education
  • OkACTE Education Services/Special Populations Division
  • Interagency issues for special populations
  • Special needs conference planning
  • Student Services Endorsement
  • Technology center integrated academics accreditation/evaluation
  • Academic and career support for transition to college
  • Teaching strategies


Coordinator of Career and Employment Information Services

Jo Kahn  (405) 743-5404  email:

Jo coordinates and develops web based career information and guidance products and services, coordinates development, dissemination, and training of the Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS), and provides support to workforce development professionals .

Contact for information regarding:

  • OKCIS - Oklahoma's Career Information System
  • Career and Academic Connections Website
  • Workforce Development/job placement issues
  • Technology center job placement accreditation/evaluation
  • Use of labor market and occupational information in workforce development and career guidance
  • Electronic career guidance products
  • Oklahoma Association of Career and Employment Professionals - OACEP
  • Professional development for the use of electronic career guidance products in the classroom
  • Workforce Investment Act issues
  • WorkKeys
  • GirlTech
  • Student Services Endorsement


Support Specialist

Linda Houck   (405) 743-5157   email:

Linda provides technical assistance and support for Career and Academic Connections products and activities.  

Contact for information regarding:

  • Career and Academic Connections Conferences and workshops
  • CareerTech Sumer Conference
  • Workshop registrations
  • OKACTE guidance division questions
  • Product inquiries
  • General questions and needs relating to the Career and Academic Connections division


Career and Academic Systems Specialist

Levi Valdois (405) 743-5573    email:

Levi manages, provides technical assistance and support, and training for the career information system and providies support for other Career and Academic Connections products and activities.  

Contact for information regarding:

  • OKCIS- Oklahoma's Career Information System
  • OKCIS Training
  • Academic integration support service information
  • KeyTrain
  • Labor market and occupational information
  • Non-traditional strategies/diversity
  • Technology center guidance and integrated education accreditation/evaluation


Career and Academic Advisement Specialist

Tommi Leach   (405) 743-5524  email:

Tommi provides expertise, consultation, and leadership in working with academic/career advisement and plan of study development with middle school, high school and tech center/postsecondary guidance systems.

  • Technology center guidance and academic advisement

  • Guidance strategies using Plans of Study with career clusters and pathways

  • Student Services Endorsement

  • Counselor educator meetings

  • Technology center guidance accreditation/evaluation

  • Academic/career advisement strategies for students, counselors, teachers, and parents.